Weekly Newsletter, September 9th

    Welcome to 3A! We have had an amazing start to our school year. 

We are learning our daily routines and enjoying  new topics and ideas every day. Here are brief descriptions of the various subjects we cover throughout the week.

Religion: 1. Review traditional Catholic prayers. 2. We will learn two new prayers: Morning Prayer and The Apostles’ Creed. 3. We are learning about St. Paul and his letters he wrote to the Early Christian Communities. 4. We are learning how to look up the gospel readings in the New Testament. 5. We began Unit 1 “We Are One” and how the Holy Spirit guides us. 6. We also reviewed the Holy Trinity and the Seven Sacraments.

Math: 1. Place Value : Standard Form 145, Expanded Form 100+40+5, Word Form  One hundred forty-five  2.Number Sense: Comparing Numbers, Ordering Numbers, Number Patterns  3. Daily Math: Complete 5 assorted math problems every day. Basic Facts: Practicing basic addition and subtraction facts.

Reading:  Theme – New Beginnings 1. Vocabulary – look up vocabulary definitions for the week. 2. Read stories related to the theme. 3. Write a letter about our First Day of School. 4. Spelling Words: Short Vowel Words 5. Grammar 6. Spelling: Trace, Copy, and Write 7. Spelling Test on Friday

Writing: 1. 6 Trait Writing ( Forming Ideas for Writing) 2. Journal Writing: Students are given a writing prompt to write about. 3. D.O.L. ( Daily Oral Language ) – correcting punctuation and spelling errors.

Science: Exploring the Solar System ( Astronomy)  The sun is the center of our Solar System. The Sun is a star that provides heat and light. It has solar flares and dark spots. What causes day and night?

Social Studies: Map Skills: What is a map and globe? What are the 4 cardinal directions and the  medial direction?

Handwriting: We are reviewing our printing of letters neatly before we begin cursive. Our goal to begin Cursive in 2 weeks.

Homework: Read every day for 20 minutes. You need to sign their reading log and planner. Thank you:)


Map Testing Begins in two weeks: Stay tuned for the actual dates this will start.

FunRun: Friday, September 20th – A packet will come home on Wednesday describing the pledge process.

Book Order: Due On-Line by September 25th.

I hope this newsletter brings you up to date on all the great learning that is happening in 3A. Please feel free to email me anytime with questions that may arise. bhoughton@stmarym.org 


Mrs. Houghton